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File:Bassett1891.jpg|right|100px|thumb|John Spencer Bassett in 1891 '''John Spencer Bassett''' (September 10, 1867 – January 27, 1928) was an American historian. He was a professor at Duke University (then Trinity College) best known today for the Bassett Affair in 1903 when he publicly criticized racism among Southern elites, and called Booker T. Washington, "all in all the greatest man, save General Lee, born in the South in 100 years." in the face of widespread outrage, the college trustees refused to accept Bassett's resignation by a vote of 18 to 7. In 1906 he became a professor of history at Smith College in Massachusetts.Doherty p 28-29 After 1919 he was the long-time secretary (Executive Director) of the American Historical Association, and stabilize its finances through an endowment. As one of the first PhD's trained at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, introduced new models of scholarship to college education. He...